Puta Locura – Kiara M

Category: ODAY

I’m meeting Kiara M again! After that fabulous CATCH that we recorded together a few weeks ago, she called me again to ask me for a new date, she wants me to fuck her harder, to do with her everything that comes into my head… she wants me to bring out my instincts more pigs to make her enjoy like never before. You already know that Kiara has been divorced for some time, there were many years of marriage where monotony took over her time, her sexuality, all her pleasure. But after that morning where we crossed paths and I convinced her to get laid in exchange for a handful of euros, she has once again felt things inside her that were completely off! Look at every second of the video, how this mature Colombian enjoys every push, every caress, every kiss… everything gives her pleasure and I can assure you that throughout the fuck she cums up to 3 times! Almost forty minutes of scene where in many moments we forget about the cameras and enjoy like pigs, without any taboo! It’s brutal!

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