Mattie Borders (HD)

Category: ODAY

Mattie had a fantasy about getting fucked with a big dick, so we brought her over to meet Johnny. She gave us a brief introduction about how she was eighteen and really horny. She pealed her clothes off and rubbed one out as she dreamed of a huge dick. She got herself heated up, and was ready to get fucked. She pulled out Johnny’s strong arm, and her jaw dropped open as her eyes got real big with amazement. She din’t have to fantasy anymore because it was right in front her face. She tried a few times to take it all in, but she just gagged on it because her tiny mouth just didn’t have the room. Mattie got on her back as Johnny eased it into her. She moaned with excitement because she had a huge cock deep in between her legs. After Johnny loosened her up, he started to pound away. She was gasping for air as he continued to fuck her like no body else. He ended her fantasy with a blast of reality all over her face.

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