Katie Cummings (HD)

Category: ODAY

Katie is getting ready to head out to the beach to meet with her friends. Her brother, Nito, is anxious for her to leave. She asks about the package on his bed and nearly pushes her out the door. He then heads to his room, where a large package awaits. It’s a life size doll. He starts to open it. What the fuck? He ordered a redhead, not this. He finally peels away all the wrapping and sees the face. It looks like his sister. He will have to return it. But….he will try it out first. He plays with it on the bed and starts taking off it’s clothes. He fondles the doll’s ass and tits. And then finger fucks it a bit. Man, that is life like. Then he puts the in doggy position and begin to fuck it. Later, he fucks it missionary. Then he decides to play with it again and tit fucks it. So life like!! He decides to try out the mouth option. Oh boy, that feels good. And then he uses the hands so it strokes him again. He fucks it missionary and then doggy. Then he pulls out and cums on its ass. Right then, Katie comes through the front door and heads to the room. What will she think of this?!

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