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Look no further if your looking for nylon stockings – FF, RHT and NHT ), tight skirts skirts office skirts shorts skirts slips half slips, sexy high heels and sexy undergarments. Here you won’t find pornography, but instead pictures of a Polish amateur model dressed in sexy clothes. Attraction, glamour. beauty and sex appeal are the things I seek, but there has to be more. Remember, a naked woman is sometimes less sexy that a dressed one, especially one in nylons and lingerie. But find out for yourself and let me know if I am right…
You want to learn more about me? 40 years old. 160cm high. I weight 52 kg.. I reside in an old town in Eastern Europe. I run my own business. After work I rush home to my lovely family, my husband and my kids. In my spare time, I exercise, take care of myself and go to the gym. Family is what I value most. We spend a lot together. Besides this my real hobby is dancing and like most women I love shopping for new clothes. I am feminine and sometimes provocative. I posted photos of me online some time back. The reaction was not what I expected. It prompted my to take more pictures, which ultimately led to the creation and maintenance of this website. This site is something I am passionate about. My husband, who is also my photographer, loves to take photos of me. This is something I love to do and you can see by going to the site. I expect to have fun running this website and I am sure you will enjoy it as well! !

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