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Callie Cyprus might look like a darker sort of flower, with her jet black hair and zombie tattoos, but deep down, she’s just a doll with an open heart and blossoming vagina. She knows how to use her devilish good looks as an inflationary tool for flaccid wangs everywhere, so you’ll never see a floppy dong in her vicinity. Just a dirty look from her can get your underwear sticking to your dick head. This girl is 100% Los Angeles material, so you know she grew up in fierce competition with tons of scantily clad honey babies. Callie could give any Valley Girl a serious run for their money and probably turn half of them into lesbians while she’s at it. Starring in some girl-on-girl action, like “Play With My Pussy”, she goes downtown in the pink zone with super tongue-fucking fury, giving her pussy partner a little taste of paradise. In other films like “Threesome Fantasies Fulfilled”, she masterly takes on a boner and poon pocket like a skilled conductor to a jizz symphony. With her tight little body, permanently perky mini boobs and an ass like a Georgia peach, Callie Cyprus is sure to be racking up awards in no time. For now, just settle in to some of Pornhub’s early samples of this future star’s slutty antics, so one day you could say, you were one of the first to be blowing loads to this babe.


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