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Hentai became real. Ahegao and Creampie, Bukkake and Cosplay, Squirting, and Foot Fetish. After a long and successful relationship, everybody knows you need to find something different. We tried a shrinking potion to make the girl smaller and she was happy with it. The girl suddenly went from being normal in size to being tiny, and had the most perfect pussy. FEELS SO GOOD.
Our scientists are still uncertain about the effects of alien oviposition on reproduction. The only thing we know is that alien males are known to visit our planet to deposit egg inside human receptors. These receptors should be open to the idea of having alien eggs implanted within their uterus. They can see right through the eyes of the woman they are looking for. The male alien sexual organ, also called Alien dick or Alien dick pushes through alien urethra to release the male eggs. The receptor human uterus then fertilizes the eggs. The time it takes for the female to fecund is fast and often leads to multi orgasm (which is not known to alien scientists). After depositing and finishing the process, the alien bulbsourethral glands become inflamed which causes an expulsion of all his spoogees onto the newly-alien-mom.

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