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The Female Orgasm features high-quality videos showing only real female orgasms. We’re proud to offer genuine orgasms from a broad range of women – from first timers, through the “girl next door” to professional models … we don’t discriminate. We’ll publish them just as long as their orgasms are genuine! Did you know that in the majority of women her pussy will visibly and rhythmically contract and pulsate each and every time she has an orgasm? This has to be the most erotic thing ever! We get so excited watching it all happen … nipple erections, sex flush, wet pussy juices, pussy contractions and big smiles! The Female Orgasm is a female masturbation video that isn’t just all about watching sexy women getting themselves off, as it is also an instructional site that shows women the best ways to cum! This is a site that concentrates on showing women having REAL orgasms – no faking or ‘When Harry Met Sally’ scenarios here, just real amateur and professional ladies enjoying pleasuring themselves. The Female Orgasm throws open the doors to female orgasms in the very sexiest ways possible and what a great and genuine collection it ends up being, with only very real content included. The site has also grown substantially since our last review thanks to daily updates. My main love of this site comes not in the concept though, but in the girls themselves and the way they are encouraged to take their time and use whatever methods that they want. A really tremendous site.

Hairy, shaved or trimmed – you name it, you’ll see all kinds of sexy women (and pussies) in high-quality masturbation scenes, using everything from fingers to big vibrators to get off. It isn’t limited only to solo action, though. Sometimes a fellow will give his girlfriend a hand and other times bi girls or lesbians get together. It certainly merits a visit. Everybody jokes that The Female Orgasm is just a myth, like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, or a masseuse who never gives any of her clients a happy ending (it’s all about the Benjamin, folks!). However, this site doesn’t just prove they exist, it does so by letting you watch countless hotties actually reach Seventh Heaven. TheFemaleOrgasm claims that all the chicks are cumming for real and it’s definitely easy to believe it. Watching these babes finger their muffs and use vibrators and Hitachi Magic Wands is hot enough, but the way they quiver and moan is evidence enough for me that they’re indeed hitting the sweet spot before our very eyes.

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