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Hey there, my names Davina! Thanks for taking the time to meet me! Originally a small-town girl from Rhode Island, I decided to take a chance in life and travel the world. Only 21 years old, I’ve been to 3 countries and 15/50 states. I don’t plan on stopping my adventures anytime soon! I love the excitement of discovering different places and meeting new people!
My friends describe me as a “social butterfly.” You can always count on me to strike up a conversation, and there will never be an “akward” or “dull” moment when i’m around! These qualities make me the perfect companion for either quick, casual, encounters, or long, luxurious vacations. I have a girly, sophisticated sense of style, but don’t let thatfool you.
I love throwing on a pair of chucks and getting down and dirty! Whether it’s camping, fishing, or getting dolled up, I’m sure to be your perfect companion. After all, “A dress makes no sense unless it inspires a man to take it off.”

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