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Hey! My name is Katrin Porto and I`m in love with real sexual adventures. I have a tasty big ass and big breasts and I like to show them not only to my husband but to completely strangers making them horny. I just love to give pleasure… That is why there are no actors. We are a real couple of a curvy MILF and a loving filmmaker and we both collect real-life sexual situations created by us. All the content here is one continuing story of my sexuality`s growth and true sexual games. We play these games with our friends, with real strangers or just with each other. And who knows, maybe someday we will play them with YOU. All you`ll see here is real-life experience – my first steps into porn and its different styles. True adventures, random fetishes like hairy bush, feet and ass worship, pissing, voyeur stuff, flashing and public sex, rimjob and sharing wife with strangers. All you see here is reality and real situations, real people. I wonder (as well as you) what will happen the next time! But I know that it will be very hot things.

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