219 videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!
Have you ever had a girl cheat on you? Was she the hottest thing youve ever been with? Maybe she is the love of you life. You can share your feelings with her and get revenge. This is the most popular site for submitting girlfriend videos.
These girls will amaze you. Check out hundreds of videos by different girls. There are new updates each day.
Yes, that’s right! Simply send us your sex tapes. Every week, our members vote for the best submissions. Tape, tap and win!
This website lets you fantasize that the babes are being taught a lesson for their misdeeds. It’s all staged, of course, but that shouldn’t bother you because the girls all really hot. There are lots of them and the movies are offered up in an HD format. It’s been a while since the site last updated, but you can still feel good about joining. They call My GF “the site for 100% real & private ex girlfriend sex videos.” Before you worry that anyone is being shamefully exploited in a vicious and depraved act of revenge, you can relax, because the fact of the matter is that there is nothing real or private about these videos. You’re definitely seeing staged porn, even if they try to make it realistic by having the actors improvise some of their dialogue.
Maybe you didn’t know what you had, when you had it, but now the break-up has happened and the world will see what you experienced! My GF is all about the amateur content, user submitted naughtiness that goes from flashing to full blown fornication, sometimes it looks to be in record time quickness. They promise you’ll receive videos and galleries in quality that will be appreciated. It is only right and proper, as far as I’m concerned, to be completely doubtful of the content on sites like My GF – it’s nothing against the sites themselves, but most of them are flogging you content that isn’t exclusive. Most of them win you over in the end, after all. However, I’m not buying the alleged amateurism of the content on this site for one moment because, to be quite frank, they do not even really try that hard to make this all look amateur! All of the videos and galleries are cleanly shot with pretty polished performances and absolutely no sign of anything that could resemble a user submitted piece of content – unless they are being submitted directly from studios! Of course, the content itself is generally very good indeed and I did enjoy the girls. But you are left asking yourself whether you should just appreciate the content or be annoyed at their lack of effort in making it look like how it should!

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