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Do You Remember Doing Something for the FIRST TIME Sexually? Come see the reactions and watch the nervousness as girls try something sexually for the first time. My Very First time offers you authentic and intimate first time sexual experiences, with a sharp eye toward high quality. This is honestly some of the best made porn I have ever seen.We were all virgins at one time, and we were all also virgins to certain sexual experiences as well. That latter premise is what My Very First is all about. What members to this hardcore site are treated to are scenes featuring women who are expanding their sexual horizons. You’ll see hot young honeys doing anal, gang bangs, and more for the very first time in their lives.
It’s important to state why I make this statement by describing what’s here in detail. The videos are of new-ish porn starlets engaging in a first time sex act. I don’t mean just on camera, I mean ever in their lives. Whether it’s anal, a gangbang, interracial sex, or what have you, this is their very first time.It might be easy to make that claim, but in this case, it really does appear authentic. If it’s not, these girls are the best actresses I’ve ever seen. I have confidence that this is the real deal. Why? Each scene includes before and after interviews that ask honest, thoughtful, probing questions that really make you feel like you’re getting in the head of the model. The producer/director does a great job with the talent. Further, the action adds to that authentic feel, using good camera angles and occasional split screens that show closeups of the model’s face. The emotion is evident and the production values and overall shooting methods give a great sense of a genuine feel to it all.
What exactly are these teens experiencing? In many cases, it’s their first porn shoot, so you’ll see a lot of newcomers. For others, it’s a specific sex act. Melanie Woods is a dark-haired teen who’s never tried anal sex, and Naomi Blue is a petite babe who’s never had an orgasm – until the day she shoots a scene with MyVeryFirstTime.  There’s a great video with Ashlee Mae and Lily Jordan, who have their first threesome. In the pre-sex interview – which almost all the scenes have – they reveal they’ve never had sex with another woman before, so you get a double dose of “first time” here, with lesbian and threeway action. My Very First Time is a hardcore porn site that brings you some extremely nervous but extremely gorgeous young performers who want to do something sexually for the first time on camera. They are interested in expanding the boundaries of their sexuality and plan to do so while we are watching. I like the concept behind My Very First Time, it has to be said. I think there is a certain believability behind the possibility that these girls might be trying some of these sexual things for the first time. The title of the site might suggest this is going to be one of those stupid virginity losing porn sites but isn’t really. The only virginity these girls are losing is regarding the sexual act that they are trying for the first time. And at the moment, it is usually anal virginity they are losing. The majority of the scene here are anal. You also get the occasional interracial scene as well as the odd group sex scene as well. You also get one girl, Jessie Law, in what is claimed to be her very first porn scene full stop. The collection is still growing but this is a site from a company that always delivers on its weekly updates and usually builds its sites to a very decent size. I do like the girls here as well and there’s a very good chance you’ll like them just as much!


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