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91 videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!

Newbie and Amateur Porn Girls Give Blowjobs To Our Friends and Swallow Cum! Here is the back story of this site. Over the years of shooting we are always getting friends asking us the question; “Man that girl is hot, can you get me a blowjob from her?”. Well before this site we always laughed it off and said nope. But then we hit upon an Idea. If we have so many friends that want blowjobs but don’t really want to be “porn guys” why don’t we get them the blowjobs they want. So, we decided to get girls that do porn to give our friends blowjobs. We let the guys sit down and get their dicks sucked until they cum into the girl’s mouth. Most of the girls’ swallow but during recording these scenes we have had a couple of the girls do oral creampies also. This is all shot Amateur POV style so that our friends can watch it back later and relive the experience. You will find this site reality based, fun and erotic. Our friends are so happy to be having their dicks sucked by these hot girls that they totally get turned on and quite frankly the girls get turned on too. Most the of the women we shoot are new to porn and this site is a simple way to get them started. Sit back and enjoy some great non-over produced porn videos of our friends cumming in the mouths of porn girls.

Selfie Suck features fellatio at its amateur-ish finest. Advertising shots of intro depict the dick licking these ladies offer to friends of the network owners/operators. Said to be shot in amateur POV fashion you’ll wish you were a friend of the family as well. It’s claimed all content is totally exclusive to members with clips shown in full HD – the blow jobs do lead to cum swallowing they say. It pays to be friends with these guys, because they help their pals get blowjobs from sexy pornstars. You can watch the chicks work their magic in exclusive videos that are available in Full HD, with vid caps. There aren’t that many for you to watch at this point, but there are more on the way. A higher-priced membership gives you access to two more sites. You want to be friends with the guys behind Selfie Suck. Why’s that? Well, because they introduce their pals to pornstars and have the girls give them blowjobs. You can see what I’m talking about for yourself by visiting the site and checking out the videos. You can sort the them in a few different ways. You can also rate them, post comments and save them as favorites. Write-ups and tags are offered to help you find similar scenes. The thing is, though, if you like watching hot chicks give head, just about every single video should be to your liking. The girls give amazing blowjobs and definitely know how to handle hard cocks.

Selfie Suck is a site founded, owned and operated by a husband and wife production team. And with that I think I awaken your curiosity. On this site you will find amateur blowjobs but the background story also matters. Basically, this couple has some friends. And those friends wouldn’t mind if they would get blowjobs from young amateur girls. So they got some filming gear, they set up a site and they started to produce porn. The babes in the movies are local slutty girls. The dudes are their friends who are thenkflu for getting their dicked sucked. And the videos are a collection you will surely enjoy tonight, but only after you read our Selfie Suck review and find out everything there is to know about this offer. I don’t know about your friends, but I am sure they don’t bring you hot young amateur chicks to suck your dick. Well, this couple does that for their friends and they put the movies on the internet. And the movies are pretty good. The movies are shot almost in POV style, with the camera over the shoulder of the friend who is laying down and gets his dick sucked. The girls are really cool. The couple really knew how to cast them and how to make them feel comfortable. All of them are putting passion in the blowjob and all of them are welcoming the warm fresh cum in their mouths. Some of them swallow and some of them are offering a fresh dripping oral creampie that makes a mess on their chins and on the cock and balls of the lucky guy who just got finished.

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