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Welcome to my official website. I have a little confession for you… When I was a little girl, starting from around the age of 6 I was so intrigued with my body and curious about sex. I was always touching myself, gently rubbing my clit and slowly inserting my little fingers into my moist little pussy. I become obsessed with the taste of my juices and created a habit of eating my self…. licking and sucking my fingers once they had been inside me. Still to this day I can’t stop. Constantly tasting my juices throughout the day, Normally when I’m watching movies or just relaxing on the couch, I don’t even realise I’m doing it until my daddy says can you save some for me.. hehe…No it’s mine. I love being naughty and fucking in public, knowing people are or could be watching is one of my biggest turn ons which is why I decided to share it all with you. Here you will find videos and photos exclusive to this site only as well as my daily blog, revealing my daily life and dirty little secrets . All of my content is unique and homemade, my partner and I produce and edit all of our work independently.
Please enjoy, Love your Secret Crush xx


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