Screw My Wife Please – DVDPACK


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Can’t satisfy your woman? No worries, you can always call in a switch-hitter who knows how to deliver a home run every time with his big bat and athletic prowess. You can even watch him while he fucks your lady and maybe pick up a few high-scoring hints, because it might be a question of technique rather than any equipment issues. Either way, it’s hot!

Ordinary American husbands bring their wives between the ages of 20 and 45, many of whom are really VERY cool, in order to have their wives fucked well in all holes by complete strangers, and sometimes famous porn actors. Often wives are fucked by 2-3 men, with double penetration, in several clips these are blacks with huge penises. In some clips, husbands trust strangers to try out their wives’ asses for the first time, so that they develop them well for the husbands themselves, and in some, these whores’ dreams of double penetration come true. Some whores behave modestly (currently at first 😎 ) asking their husbands for permission to suck a dick, or give it in the ass, and some immediately, without embarrassment, greedily begin to suck all the dicks in sight and ask themselves to be fucked in ALL holes. Husbands themselves are surprisingly pleased with such an action, and even their dirty whore wives are even more so.

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