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15 FULL HD, Hardcore, BDSM, All Sex, Blowjob, Rough Sex, Bondage, Teen, Oral, Cumshot, Domination, Horror, Fetish, Threesome, Babe videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!

Very few teenage girls are aware of the extreme sexual energy and insatiable desires that they have in their hearts, and it’s up to dominant masters like Ranger Brick to unlock thoose deep, dark secrets and unleash the beast however they can, or it will consume them from within. In most cases, BDSM, very rough sex and humiliating slave training is exactly what teenage girls need, and beautiful brunette Gina Valentina learns this after becoming lost in the woods and rescued by Ranger Brick. Gina’s day started nicely enough with her and Eden finding a secluded place to have sex in the woods, and after a very hot lesbian sex session the couple is caught by Ranger Rick and threatened with arrest for indecency. The defiant teens tell the ranger to fuck off, and of course, that decision will come back to haunt Gina later. Eden disappears into the woods and Gina goes in search of help. Ranger Rick’s cabin provides a haven from the bears prowling the woods, but not from the Ranger’s demented artistic vision in which he intends to paint Gina… on paper and on her banging little body with his paint… and some jizz. Gina may not know much about art, or cock, but Master Brick teaches her-and then some! This scene has it all: fantastic acting, high production values, comedy, drama, horror, hardcore rough sex, BDSM, beautiful girls, and three hot fuck sessions. One of our most ambitious productions ever.

Often teen porn tries to make the girls seem sweet and innocent, set in pink bedrooms with stuffed toys on display on frilly bedspreads, with chicks looking demurely into the camera while licking lollipops. But that’s not the case with Teens In The Woods. This is the darker side of what happens to naughty young ladies who misbehave. TeenInTheWoods has sexual encounters that involve bondage, spitting, choking, slapping and, of course, intense penetrations. But that’s hardly news to you if you’re already familiar with the content on the Fetish Network. With sites like Sexual Disgrace, Helpless Teens and Brutal Castings you already know that rough sex is a recurring theme.

Porn and cinema, do they really combine? People have obviously been trying. Take all these porn parodies, for example. They take a popular movie title and make a porn version of it. Could be fun, but it’s also not an easy thing to release. The legal rights issue alone has ruined so many productions! But that’s not a reason to stop trying to blend these two things. We guess adult entertainment could always benefit from cinematic elements. Take Teens in the Woods over here for example. It’s a brand new reality (?) porn site brought to you by the Fetish Network. That’s right. These people are not going to stop, doesn’t look like it. How many different hardcore fetish porn sites have they got in the network at this point? Like 40 or 50 probably. They might not for sure themselves. Either way, it’s one of the best special interest erotica products out there, and now, they are bringing you Teens in the Woods. It’s a combination of horror movie influences with, well, the hardcore kinky porn you know and love. The story goes like this, two young girls wearing ridiculously little amount of clothing go on a hike into the woods. Turns out some pretty shady (and horny, and also kinky) characters are waiting for them there! It’s like all these horror movies, but with nothing too horrory and gory going on. Instead, it’s raw kinky sex and bondage all the way!


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