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Why reduce sex to a mechanical act? Real pleasure, empowered women, natural bodies, men who are not machines… THIS is what I want to see in porn. Hi, I’m Lucie Blush. I’m a 28-year-old French porn director, actress and writer, based in Berlin. Here, you will find a growing number of ethical, feminist porn films that steer away from stereotypes and offer a fun, natural, authentic vibe to porn. Because we all deserve a better, more sexpositive porn!

Lucie Blush is on a mission to bring something new to the porn industry. We’ve all seen movies where it’s obvious that girls fake orgasm and do not enjoy the things they do on film, which is exactly what this brave girl wants to change. She’s a porn director, actress and writer and her main goal is to show you “real pleasure, empowered women, natural bodies and men who are not machines”. Her site is the place where you can find exclusive and original movies that show boy/girl scenes, bisexual scenes, BDSM and sex parties and more. Everything is captured in HD and you can save and watch everything without limits. Collection is not large, but it’s growing each month and you can expect about three brand new movies per month.

Lucie Makes Porn is one of the most interesting and innovative porn sites I have seen for a while. In fact, it’s also an important site – we need FAR more websites like this if the porn industry is to progress. But beyond these elements, it also has a fantastic product to bring you. All of the above would mean nothing if the content was no good but it’s way hotter and more passionate than 99% of porn I see. This is the stuff right here.


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