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Men are sexually mature when they turn 19, but women mature slowly and reach perfection by the time they turn 30. OlderWomanFun isn’t interested in shy young people you might find on other websites. Softcore posing is included as well as interviews with the women who give an inside look into their personalities. There are scenes of masturbation in which toys and fingers disappear into moist pussies. There are also some great scenes of hardcore sex, to satisfy your sexual cravings.The logo for Older Woman Fun is a ball of yarn with two knitting needles stuck through it. It strikes me as funny because I’m not sure many older women even know how to knit these days. Whether the ladies could make you a sweater or not, they should help get you off if you enjoy watching MILFs and GILFs masturbate in mature porn scenes. When you sign into Older Woman Fun, you’ll see a mix of amateurs, semi-pros, and pornstars, all of whom look like real women. Nothing’s been nipped, tucked, or filled in. Some of them are classic beauties, while others know how to turn up the heat with lingerie and makeup.
This is indeed very simple to look at, the members area is basically a hold-all for videos and galleries with nothing interactive or gimmicky attached to it. It’s not a bad price for the size of the collection either. As the title suggests, the site is dedicated to the joys of the older lady. Milfs, moms, some grans, older girls who still like to play dirty with themselves, each other and with guys. As far as I can see this is an exclusive collection of videos and galleries, though I didn’t see any promises on that score. It is a simple site with the galleries set out by models in the model index and videos set out in text format on one page. You have only one choice for viewing and that’s a download, but you can also get these to stream online if you want. The girls are going for it and having fun for sure. The members’ area here is very, very simple. In fact it looks like it was put together by an enthusiastic amateur some years ago (it started in 2006) and has not changed since. It’s all perfectly usable and there are no problems with it, but by today’s standards it does look pretty basic. The home page starts you off with a list of news items and updates, which were pretty recent, and there are some enticing images of some of the models here as well.
On the one hand Older Woman Fun hits its nail on head and gives us lots of original videos with older women in all kinds of varied hardcore and solos. It also lets you have a large number of galleries. But the site is very basic and has no interactive options at all. You have to stumble around it to find the gallery content, and there are no details about the models or the scenes. Some videos are short and the quality is variable. But for never before seen older girls in horny shoots, you get plenty to look at, and for a pretty reasonable price. The design is far from cutting edge, but like many tried and true things, it’s reliable and gets the job done. Updates are as frequent as ever so you can expect new MILF goodness every day like clockwork. They could use some bonus sites or other extras to entice members and, of course, update the interface. But overall, Older Woman Fun gives you MILFs and GILFs masturbating in solo scenes without any fuss and that’s what makes it so charming.

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