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Sara Jay is well-known for many things. She’s known for her 36E boobies and fine antics, as well as her passion for black cock. But she is so much more. She masturbates all by herself, has one on one and group sex, as well as interacting with women in high-quality videos. If you love this porn star, then this is the place to make your Ms. Jay dreams a reality.

Sara Jay is a really top notch official site and in an industry that actually has surprisingly few personality sites that actually step up to the plate and manage to be any good, this one is very impressive indeed. The fact that it covers her performances in numerous different genres and niches really does help matters enormously and the excellent bonus sites also prove to be more than just a nice aside. The site has also grown very nicely since our last review. There is also an excellent selection of bonus sites in the form of the VNA Girls network of sites.

It’s not easy for a girl to really blow my mind anymore, what with all the gorgeous women I have to look at on a daily basis, but when I first saw Sara Jay, I have to admit I was pretty amazed. Not only is this MILF gorgeous, but she also has 36 E-cup tits that will make your jaw drop. I haven’t even mentioned what you get to see her do yet! SaraJay is a raunchy babe, to say the least. She loves to fuck black dudes with huge dicks and she also loves to spice things up and have sex with other women, sometimes with a strapon. You can also watch her masturbating and in a gangbang, but there’s plenty more variety too. Whether she’s all alone or with a whole group of people, your eyes will always be drawn to her and her massive tits.

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