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21 videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!

MomsEatCream is a Russian mature hardcore site with a focus on moms either receiving the grand finale cumshot in their pussy / ass or right all over their faces. Now you might wonder: if they all eat the cream… what about the pie cream? Of course they eat those, too. In order to appreciate Moms Eat Cream you need to like Russian ladies and should not mind the rather low quality porn production. Too often mature sites don’t star real matures, but at Moms Eat Creams they work with real mommies in the forties and fifties. These older babes aren’t in the same shape they may have been back in the years of slutting around campus, but their sexual appetites have only grown, and nowadays their willing to do way more things in the sack. The younger men they’ve seduced know they wouldn’t be able to fuck their usual girlfriends up the ass, or cum in their mouths like they can with these broads. That’s just the sort of raw sexual action you’ll see here. Lots of positions are tried, sometimes two guys double team one broad, and the matures will happily collect the loads of spunk in their mouths and swallow it down after their younger men have finished.

When a woman’s age passes the 40 mark, she gets this special hunger. The hunger which makes her look for the fullest sack around and make it discharge into her mouth like a machine gun. Damn, she wants the taste right now! When a mom gets into her sexual prime and becomes able to get about as much cock as she needs, she gets to loving cum a lot. Watch them hot mommas guzzle down buckets – and we got it on HQ video! Of course, they’re rammed raw till they’re sore, and then the flood begins. Moms eat cream, the name pretty much says it! Moms Eat Cream features horny older women getting their pussies filled with buckets of sticky sperm. They let it slowly ooze out of them, and then they lick it up or let their girlfriends eat it out of them. These gorgeous MILFs also love to suck cock and get their mouths filled with load after load of tasty jizz. They can’t get enough cream and will take it any way you want to give it to them.

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