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50 HD Solo, Striptease, Big Natural Tits videos. Below is a spoiler. You can find links to download the videos and also watch them online. 1280×720
We appreciate your taking the time and checking out my bio page. I thought you would find this a great place to learn more about myself. Born in Germany on January 20th 1990, I am now a citizen of Germany. Although I am not German, haha. My mom is Scottish and my dad is a mix of Czech and Irish. My family relocated to The States within a few months of my birth. It was LA, California. I was raised dancing, starting at age 3 to 19 but I still take classes/teach to this day.. I loved it so much that I wanted to go to college. Unfortunately, the University I chose to go to couldn’t be afforded even with a scholarship. Although it hurt, I believed it was a sign that I needed to relax after my boobs got in the way at 18 years old.

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