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Let’s play doctor! On this medical fetish site, the sexy female patients are given a thorough exam by naughty nurses and dirty doctors. In the over 300 scenes, these medical professionals have the ladies disrobe and then put them through several tests before probing their butts with a variety of medical instruments. The work with each girl begins with a general body examination and moves on to breasts, vagina and anus. Lovely creatures better relax and get ready as they will be given vaginal swabs, anal massages, rectal temperature measurements and even injections.
Doctor Tushy is a female doctor who specialises in some very explicit physical examinations of some very attractive female patients. I do believe it’s time to scrub in! She conducts some very intimate examinations of the pussies and asses of all of these beautiful adult models and pornstars – even if she has no medical training and doesn’t know what she’s looking for! Doctor Tushy is a gyno-fetish site that has been around for the best part of 9 years now. In that time it has built up a significant and sizable collection of content on the subject and established itself as one of the major sites on the subject around. So far, so good. I liked the idea of initially just using just female performers and a female doctor, so I’m pretty sure that there will be plenty of fans of the girl-girl and lesbian niches out there that will enjoy a lot of the stuff here too.
Recently they have added male doctors to the site helps make this a little less repetitive in teh type of ocntent because there really is only a limited amount of activities you can carry out on the site. Obviously, there is a huge selection of girls here as well, but the site does have a couple of problems. SOme of the videos had some issues like one of the girls being examined was laughing throughout – they should not be including content like this. Also, a few had missing endings ? She strips naked and steps into a medical gown, then gets weighed, has her heart and lungs listened to, gets a boob exam, and gets a speculum shoved in her pussy for a Pap smear. From there, she lays on her tummy, gets the doctor’s latex gloved finger stuck in her ass, has her temperature taken rectally, and finishes up with a (fake) needle to her butt cheek. One scene I watched had a similar setup but featured a whole team of female interns checking out a female patient they all the girls take turns fingering her ass and examining her. Another storyline is that a female prisoner is being brought in by a cop for a medical exam (usually to make sure she’s not hiding drugs somewhere). The cop roughly strips the chick down and spreads her legs. The doctor examines the babe’s pussy and asshole while the girl struggles and the cop holds her down and cusses her out. Still other scenes are full-blown boy-girl sex scenes. The male doctor seduces his hot female patient with some new “exam techniques” and ends up licking her pussy, getting his dick sucked, and fucking her hard right on his exam table.

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