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103 Fetish, Latex, Cosplay, Posing, Striptease, Booty, Costume, Outdoor, Pussy, Tits, Solo videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!

This site is Reviewed by Fetishsnake as best bizarre fetish site. A unique site with Network access, A balanced collection of exclusive bizarre fetish videos. Cosplay is turned up a notch as everyday girls are transformed into slithering snakes, bald latex mannequins, silver aliens and much more. The sexy babes show off their tits and pussies, but the focus of this good-quality site is the process of their transformations. This decent-sized collection continues to grow and it and its bonuses are worth a visit. I’ve seen sites in which a chick is sporting a maid or nurse uniform or even the costumes from the Sailor Moon characters. In the fetish world this is called cosplay, which is short for costume play. It often involves people wearing costumes from their favorite anime or manga.

On Fetish Transformation, they’ve taken the niche to its ultimate fetish level. Rather than only seeing chicks acting the part of the character they’re playing, you get to see them become the things they’re pretending to be. Fetish Transformation is a trip into the weird and wonderful. Normal-looking but attractive models are transformed into creatures that look completely different from what they are. Some amazing makeovers see these girls painted from head to toe, strapped into the most bizarre of costumes or even having their heads shaved completely bald. It’s quite a commitment! Fetish Transformation is certainly one of the strangest-looking sites we’ve ever seen – but that certainly has to be a very good thing indeed! For fetish fans looking for models to fully commit to their genre, you will be extremely pleased by what this site has to offer, but do be warned – this really is anti-glamour.

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